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In a garden this idyllic, most of us pale in comparison to such emergent life. Vibrant blooms. Supple textures. Perfection.

But she is not most. She is a singular creature, unique in her beauty and grace. The manifestation of elegance, draped in exquisite white silk.

And she chose you.

A being this divine deserves the best, and you intend to give it to her. You reach for the finest goblet. The golden chalice inlaid with precious stones and finely detailed artistry. A vessel worthy of your finest whiskey.

The perfect bottle springs to mind, a 23 year old masterpiece of spirit. Your search for it, but your whiskey is nowhere to be found.

Damn the Mooch…

The moment is ripe with anticipation. You have an exceptional gin at the ready, but there's just one problem - it’s not whiskey. Regardless, an offering must be made.

Crystal clear liquid slides into her golden cup. She raises the drink. Her eyes meet the fragrant source of fresh, sweet, crisp botanicals.

Time seems to freeze. You stop breathing. Will she accept the gift?