Curated and supplemented by Jimmy Leg, the token “Whisky Snob” in our Whiskey Tribe.

I’m new to whisky, what do you recommend I start with?

A: Top 10 Whiskeys for Beginners [Crowdsourced From Whiskey Lovers]

Jimmy Leg’s Answer: Do a google search you pitiful sack of shit.

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I want to try an Islay/peated/smoky whisky where should I begin?

A: Highland Park 12yo, Talisker 10yo, Laphroiag 10yo, Caol Ila 12yo

Jimmy Leg’s Answer: Do a google search you pitiful sack of shit.

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I just smell/taste whisky. Why don’t I get all of the flavours and aromas everyone talks about?

A: If you like the smell and taste of whisky give yourself time to develop an understanding of it. That doesn’t happen overnight but it is well worth the time it takes. Whisky is a fascinating adventure.

Jimmy Leg’s Answer: Shit, the same thing I guess.

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Where can I find a list of whiskies in the vault?

A: https://whiskymarketing.org/the-whisky-vault/

Jimmy Leg’s Answer: Mind you own business and buy your own whisky… idiot.

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Why can’t Daniel or Rex pronounce even the simplest of words?

A: They were educated in the USA and they keep a large number of marbles under their tongues at all times.

Jimmy Leg’s Answer: They are allergic to any type of research.

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I just had “insert brand of whisky here”, what should I try next?

A: We appreciate you inquisitive nature but since we don’t know you at all it is very difficult to recommend a whisky for you.

Jimmy Leg’s Answer: No one gives a shit.

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What is the most expensive whisky in The Vault?

A: We receive a lot of donations and whisky prices vary widely from state to state and from country to country so it’s very hard to say.

Jimmy Leg’s Answer: What the fuck is wrong with you? What does that matter? You are an idiot.

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I just get the burn of alcohol when I try whisky. Is something wrong with me?

A: Nope, everyone is different. Try leaving the whisky breathe for 10-15 minutes and then go back to it. Alternatively you can try slowly adding water until the burn dissipates. Or both.

Jimmy Leg’s Answer: Yes.

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How long does whisky last in the bottle? Does it go bad?

A: The Whisk[e]y Vault YouTube comments are full of people worried about their whisky storage.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind.

Definitely keep your whisky out of direct sunlight as much as possible. If sun hits your whisky while you’re shooting your videos but the shades are pulled for the rest of the time. You are fine. Stop worrying.

Keep your whisky from extreme temperatures and extreme temperature changes. Both are bad.

Keep your whisky in it’s sleeve as much as possible. We’ve heard Ralfy say that whisky can get a cardboardy taste from being in it’s sleeve for too long but we’ve never experienced that.

Once a whisky is open it’s going to change in the bottle no matter what you do. Generally, we find that it improves up to a point then starts to slowly fall off. Not always but mostly.

Finally when you get to the last couple inches in the bottom of the bottle drink it ASAP or decant it into a smaller bottle. Whisky left with too much air goes off. You’ll know it right away when it happens to you. It happens to everyone. It often happens in bars. Always ask to see the bottle before they pour you a whisky. You don’t want to pay $30 for the last dram in the bottle.

Jimmy Leg’s Answer: Drink it, don’t store it. Dufus.

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Where does the raining men thing come from when someone finishes a bottle of whiskey?

A: Kate Van Name” (Spelling) suggested that a song be created in the youtube comments. She suggested something respectful or loud. Daniel said to Rex “So what’s our song?” Rex replies “Either ‘It’s Raining Men’ or…”. Daniel nearly snorts whisky out of his nose so that was the decision made.  You can find it in Episode 102 starting at minute 9:46.

Jimmy Leg’s Answer: If you ask two morons a question you are not going to get an enlightened and meaningful answer. Interestingly, Daniel later says “We should hum it slowly…”, not sure what he was talking about at that point.

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Why do people play Kung Fu Fighting when bringing home new whisky?

A: Rex says, “We should call upon the whisky spirits and randomize whatever is on your playlist.” The whisky spirit eagle and “crappy” bear selected Kung Fu Fighting. It all started on the Whiskey Biscuits episode for Old Fashioned recipes.

Jimmy Leg’s Answer: Because Kung Fu Fighting is a bad ass tune. And yes, I would put a baby in the trunk.

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