Upcoming Tribe MeetUps

All Meet Ups Are On Hold

We're sure you know why. Need we say more?

Go, enjoy a dram or three of your favorite. Like the phoenix from the ashes, we will rise again! But, while you're waiting, you know what else you should be doing.

The cost for each attendee is between $5 and $15. The money is used strictly to cover the basic cost of your MeetUp location and other incidentals like pouring spouts. If at the end of the year your Tribe has a surplus, you and your host (The Bastard of Ceremony) will decide what to do with it.

All listed times are local to the location of the MeetUp

Active Locations

Currently, these are the areas that have meetups taking place. The list above will be updated as new meetups take place.

United States of America


Don't see a city near you?

You may not see a city near you because either it's become difficult to find a place to host a MeetUp or, there is no host (Bastard of Ceremony) in the area. Become a Bastard of Ceremony if you think you have what it takes.