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Barrels are being mooched from the barrelhouse. A villain emerges from the shadows—Mr. Whiskowsky! Imagine the size of the cahoots necessary to steal my mooch necklace. My mooch necklace was specifically designed to be uncahootable.

I am doomed now to suffer The Kentucky Creamery—to be drowned in  a tank of my own whiskey, mooched from me, myself a mooch, and stripped of all my powers. Forever. I will become... just some dude in jeans. It's a pretty dick move. I respect that. 

This is it. The Kentucky Creamery is upon me. I am surrounded by raw power—and unimaginable volumes of whiskey. My only hope is to tap into the spirit realm and invoke mooches of the world to perform... The Uncorkening. Uncork your most powerful whisk(e)ys. Release their spirits unto me. I have become Rexcalibur! But we may have just a wee problem...

The note read: Whoever possesses these robes and mooches the unmoochable whiskey, shall be granted the power of a grandmaster whiskey mooch.

There's no power in that shirt. (There's a lot of power in that shirt.)

Printed on a 100% cotton, unisex Next Level tee. Sizing chart.

Back of tee is blank.