Whiskey Tribe Chief

You’ll get all the rewards that come before this (see below) as well as:

*Name on the DISTILLERY Wall Of Magnificence (as long as you’re a supporter)
Your name will be wood burned into a small plaque and installed on the feature wall of the distillery next to the bar. It will stay up there as long as you’re a supporter.

*Official Whiskey Tribe MB Lapel Pin (after 3 consecutive months)
The lapel pin will be automatically mailed to you after your first 3 months of subscription.

*Quarterly drink-stream (livestream)
The timing on this will be decided by the tribe, and it will be recorded for you to watch later if you can make it to the live viewing.

This level also includes:


*Free Whiskey Samples at The Bastards Bar
The whiskey samples at the bar are available for you plus one guest. Any more than that, and they’ll need to pony up their own cash.

*Early Access Content (+ behind the scenes)
This will almost always be posted on Patreon, but we may link to unlisted videos and hidden content on the website as well!

*Monthly Coupon Codes AND Discounts on Tribe Swag
The coupons will change regularly, so you’ll need to stay up to date to get access to the newest ones as they are announced.

*Whiskey Quests: Exclusive training and voting to create new whiskeys.
These will involve everything from label design to choices on distillation and barrel aging. As we grow, it may even involve working with outside and more famous brands.

*Access to PATRON ONLY Feed!
Accessible by click through on alerts to new Patreon content.

*Name on the website Wall Of Magnificence (wall of thanks)
Your name stays up on the wall as long as you are a supporter!