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Friday, June 19th, 2020

You've discovered the home base of the Whiskey Tribe. There are many places to explore from here, and we hope you'll stumble into something you love.

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It’s time to make it official.

The Bastard’s Ball has been the Whiskey Tribe’s big annual live event in Austin, TX, and this year it’s going to look very different - yet still familiar.

With a pile of health questions and a scarcity of solid answers, we had to make the best call we could for the community. Simply put, that means the Bastard’s Ball won’t be held in Austin, TX this year. Instead, it’s being turned into a big, epic, marathon live-streaming event on September 12th.

Rex and the guys have already started building out a ridiculously powerful live-streaming rig to tackle the big day.

We’re swimming through the content possibilities right now. To date, almost every distiller that usually attends (and all of the original YouTube channels) have signed up to participate in the Bastard’s Ball Live Stream on YouTube. We’re also kicking around some opportunities for Magnificent Bastards to call in, and live-stream collabs with even more YouTube creators, and whisk(e)y professionals.

It sucks not being able to have our big annual gathering of MB’s in Austin - but here’s how I’m looking at it in 2020. Instead of an onsite event that’s always capped at 500 people, this year will offer up an online event that’s accessible to every Magnificent Bastard in the world.

I’m just a glencairn half-full kind of guy.

~ Magnificent Bastard



But are you a Magnificent Bastard?

In this video, Rex and Daniel talk about The Whiskey Tribe - a big, salty and ridiculous community of whisk(e)y loving MB's. They've raised a whiskey freak-flag...

Is your inner bastard Magnificent enough to salute?

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Ian Piggott is our unofficial whiskey article curator. Basically he posts a bunch of great whiskey article links in the Facebook group, and we go steal them and post them in the newsletter. Thanks Ian 🙂
[+] Scientists Use AI To ‘Standardise’ Whiskey Tasting Notes

A team of researchers in the US are developing a tool that finds a common language in thousands of whiskey reviews, in the hope of helping consumers find whiskeys with similar flavour profiles to an expensive bottle at a cheaper price…


[+] Let’s Talk About… Storing Whisky

A CANDIDATE contacted us recently to ask whether a piece of cork found floating in a bottle of whisky could spoil its flavour.

It is a good question and variations of it are frequently asked: "How long does whisky last?", "Can whisky oxidise in the bottle?", "Can whisky go bad?" and so on…


[+] Does Texas Bourbon Have A Style? Here’s Why It’s Worth A Taste

There are approximately 2,000 craft distillers in the U.S. According to the American Distilling Institute, the craft industry’s trade organization, approximately 80%, some 1,600 distilleries are currently either producing, maturing or bottling an American whiskey of some kind. Collectively, U.S. distillers produced over 37 million 9-liter cases of American whiskey in 2018. More than half of that production, 20 million cases, however, was accounted for by just two distillers—Jim Beam and Jack Daniels…



There's a Magnificent Future being prepared for your Whiskey Tribe. We're aiming for piles of glory, meetups, quests, and a... sshh... 


You can learn more about it here: 



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