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Friday, May 29th, 2020

You've discovered the home base of the Whiskey Tribe. There are many places to explore from here, and we hope you'll stumble into something you love.

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It started innocently enough.

Fancy Dan (the whiskey vault editor) was hired for video editing prowess. His whiskey experiences were minimal, but that was fine. We had more than enough experience floating around to fill in the gaps.

Exactly 3 months ago, he showed up for his first day on the job. He’d been casually flirting with budget Irish whiskey options - but that curiosity quickly turned a corner. Fancy Dan was titillated by the promise of barrel-born magic, and asked to stare into a dark abyss of whisk(e)y flavors that most men dare not dream.

As requested, Daniel and Rex took him on a tour of hardcore whisk(e)ys. He was tossed around and occasionally spanked - but not detoured.

Earlier this week, Fancy Dan volunteered an update. After weeks of exploring, he says...

"Hey, MB."


"Ardbeg is a smoky scotch, right?"


"And there’s a cult of Ardbeg, right?"

"Dan... did you join the cu-"

"I joined the cult."

I don’t know what to tell you bourbon lovers out there. Hands Gordon (the whiskey tribe editor) is young, wiry, and a ball-busting savant. But is he truly ready to hold the line in the Bourbon Brigade?

Only time will tell.

~ Magnificent Bastard


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Ian Piggott is our unofficial whiskey article curator. Basically he posts a bunch of great whiskey article links in the Facebook group, and we go steal them and post them in the newsletter. Thanks Ian 🙂
[+] Nick Offerman on Ron Swanson, Lagavulin, and a Canoe Named Huckleberry

In an ideal world, I’d be interviewing Nick Offerman with a neat glass of scotch in one hand and a bottle nearby, so I could pour a second dram as he unfolded yet another deadpan story in that dry, unmistakable baritone of his…


[+] The Best Whiskies For Grilling Season

Memorial Day weekend is the official start of grilling season and—for many of us—outdoor drinking. While beer is a natural pairing at a cookout, don’t feel the need to set your whisky aside on those long summer days. Many summer grilling staples pair naturally with whisky—just keep the firewater away from the flames, folks!


[+] Waterford Introduces Their Single Farm Origin Irish Whiskey Series

Irish whiskey-maker Waterford has released their Single Farm Origin Series, currently comprised of three whiskies made using 100% Irish barley – Bannow Island: Edition 1.1, Ballykilcavan: Edition 1.1, and Ratheadon: Edition 1.1.



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