It didn't fit. How do I exchange it for a different size?

A Magnificent Bastard comes in every shape and size. You're proof of that. Exchanges are no sweat and we're happy to make the exchange so long as the apparel has not been worn or washed. Ideally, you've kept the tags on it.

Send an email to us at with "Store Exchange" in the subject and let us know you wish to send back apparel for an exchange of size. Or get in touch through our Contact form. Include the name you used when you placed the original order, the order # if you know it, and the size you would like to exchange for. We will respond back to you shortly with the return-merchandise address and any special instructions required.

When we receive your exchange, we'll send out the new size.

Do not bring your merchandise to the Crowded Barrel Distillery for an in-person exchange, thanks.

What do I do if I receive a broken or faulty item in my order?

Amorphous solids and transportation systems are sworn enemies for life. We take careful effort to pack all of your items safely for shipment, but if you receive a broken glass, or any faulty merchandise, please get in touch with us so we can replace it ASAP.

Send an email to with "Broken Item" in the subject line and let us know what happened. Or get in touch through our Contact form. Be sure to include the name you used when you placed the order, your order # if you know it, and, if possible, a picture of the broken or faulty item.

I'm missing a product from my order. What do I do?

That sucks. A thousand apologies for the disappointment. Let's get this resolved quickly.

Please send an email to with "Missing Item" in the subject line and let us know what was missing. Or get in touch through our Contact form. We'll let you know if it was a stock-availability issue or just an oversight on our part. If it was a stock issue, we'll be sure to credit you back for an out-of-stock item. If it was just an oversight on our part, we'll get the item out to you post haste.  

I'd like to return merchandise for a refund. What's the procedure? 

So long as the merchandise to be returned is unused, unworn, unwashed and in the same new condition as you received it, we will gladly accept it if returned within 30 days of the purchase date.

Send an email to us at with "Store Returns" in the subject and let us know you are sending back item(s) from your order. Or get in touch through our Contact form. Include the name you used when you placed the original order, the order # if you know it, and a short note letting us know what you'd like to return. We will respond back to you shortly with the return-merchandise address and any special instructions required

When we receive your return, we'll credit back your original payment method.

Do you have Whiskey Tribe gift certificates?

Great question! We do not offer Whiskey Tribe gift certificates at this time, but maybe in the not too distant future. Ask us again in a few months.

I've got a suggestion for a whiskey accessory you should sell in the store. Who do I tell?

If you've got a good recommendation for a whiskey-related product you think the other MBs would be interested in, let us know. We'll check it out.

Send an email to us at with "Store Product Recommendation" in the subject and let us know what you saw and where you saw it. Or get in touch with us through our Contact form.

Do you offer discounts or promo codes?

Yes, we often offer promo codes and special deals to the MBs of the Tribe. The best way to stay in the loop of our special offers is to join the Tribe newsletter for whiskey news and Tribe updates sent to your inbox every Friday. Sign up at the bottom of this page.

Where is my order? It feels like it's been too long.

Yikes! You haven't received your order? After placing your order, you receive an order confirmation email immediately. A couple days later, when your order has shipped, you should have received a shipping notification email with your tracking #. Maybe it ended up in your junk folder. No? Send us an email at with "Where's My Order" in the subject. Or get in touch through our Contact form. Let us know your name and order # and we'll take a look.


I'm new to Whiskey Tribe. Where do you recommend I start?

Welcome to the Tribe, you Magnificent Bastard! First things first: Have you read the "Join The Tribe" page and watched the video? Do that first. Then, we recommend you join and subscribe in the following order: 1) Sign up for the Tribe newsletter; 2) Join the Tribe's Facebook group; 3) Subscribe to our Whiskey Tribe and Whisk(e)y Vault YouTube channels; 4) Consider becoming a Tribe supporter through Patreon; 5) If you're a Reddit kind of MB, join the Whiskey Tribe's subreddit.

I'm new to whiskey in general. What do you recommend I start with?

Welcome to the world of whisk(ey)! We recommend this video, "Top 10 Whisk(e)ys For Beginners" (crowdsourced from whiskey lovers).

I want to try an Islay/peated/smoky whiskey. Where should I begin?

Tastes are subjective, and always remember that the "best" whisk(e)y is the whisk(e)y you like to drink, they way you like to drink it. That said, we have a few suggestions for you to explore: Highland Park 12yo, Talisker 10yo, Laphroiag 10yo, Caol Ila 12yo.

Why don’t I get all of the flavors and aromas everyone talks about?

If you like the smell and taste of whisk(e)y give yourself time to develop an understanding of it. That doesn’t happen overnight but it is well worth the time it takes. Whisk(e)y is a fascinating adventure.

I only get the burn of alcohol when I try whiskey. Is something wrong with me

Nope, everyone is different. Try leaving the whiskey to breathe for 10-15 minutes and then go back to it. Alternatively, you can try slowly adding water until the burn dissipates. Or both.

How long does whiskey last in the bottle? Does whiskey go bad?

The Whisk[e]y Vault's YouTube comments are full of people worried about their whiskey storage. Here’s what you need to keep in mind:

Definitely keep your whiskey out of direct sunlight as much as possible. If sun hits your whiskey while you’re shooting your videos but the shades are pulled for the rest of the time. You are fine. Stop worrying.

Keep your whiskey from extreme temperatures and extreme temperature changes. Both are bad.

Keep your whiskey in it’s sleeve as much as possible. We’ve heard Ralfy say that whiskey can get a "cardboard" taste from being in it’s sleeve for too long but we’ve never experienced that.

Once a whiskey is open, it’s going to change in the bottle no matter what you do. Generally, we find that it improves up to a point then starts to slowly fall off. Not always, but mostly.

Finally, when you get to the last couple inches in the bottom of the bottle, drink it ASAP or decant it into a smaller bottle. Whiskey left with too much air goes off. You’ll know it right away when it happens to you. It happens to everyone. It often happens in bars. Always ask to see the bottle before they pour you a whiskey. You don’t want to pay $30 for the last dram in the bottle.

I just had [insert name of whiskey here]. What should I try next?

We appreciate your inquisitive nature, but, since we don’t know you at all, it is very difficult to recommend a whiskey for you.

Where can I find a list of whiskies in the vault?

You can find a list of the whiskies in the vault here.

What is the most expensive whiskey in the vault?

We receive a lot of donations and whiskey prices vary widely from state to state and from country to country, so it’s very hard to say. Besides, does it really matter?

Why can't Daniel or Rex pronounce even the simplest of words?

They were educated in the USA and they keep a large number of marbles under their tongues at all times.

Why do people play "Kung Fu Fighting" when bringing home new whiskey?

Rex says, “We should call upon the whisky spirits and randomize whatever is on your playlist.” The whiskey spirit eagle and “crappy” bear selected "Kung Fu Fighting." It all started on the Whiskey Biscuits episode for Old Fashioned recipes. Give it a watch!

Where does the "raining men" thing come from when someone finishes a bottle of whiskey?

MB Kate Van Name suggested, in the YouTube comments, that a song be created. She suggested something respectful or loud. Daniel said to Rex, “So what’s our song?” Rex replies, “Either ‘It’s Raining Men’ or…”. Daniel nearly snorts whiskey out of his nose, and, so, that was the decision made. You can find it in episode 102 at the 9:45 mark.


Where are the distillery and tasting room located?

The Crowded Barrel Whiskey Co. and our tasting room Fang & Feather are located in the southwest edge of Austin, TX. Specifically:

16221 Crystal Hills Dr
Austin, TX 78737

You can find directions and a map on our Contact page.

What are the hours of the tasting room Fang and Feather?

Wednesday & Thursday: 3pm–7pm
Friday: 11am–9pm
Saturday: 11am–8pm
Sunday: 2pm–7pm

Can I take a tour while I'm visiting?

Yes! We love showing off the distillery. All our tours walk you from the still house to the barrelhouse through the beautiful pathways across campus. The tour ends in the tasting room with our lovely bartenders.

If you're a Trailblazer from the Texas Whiskey Trail, our tours are free! Otherwise, they are $10/person and by appointment only.

Tour Hours:
Wednesday & Thursday: 3pm–5pm
Friday: 1pm–5pm

If you are interested in scheduling a tour during your visit, fill out the form below.

First name is required
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Select at least one day
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You must enter a date
Thank you! Your request was received. We'll see you soon.

How can I get my hands on a bottle to purchase?

Hold tight, starlight. This text is just placeholder. Real content coming soon.

I have a claim on a bottle through my Patreon membership. How do I pick it up?

Come make a trip to Austin and come see us at the Crowded Barrel Distillery. Your bottle claim(s) are waiting for you. That's the only way to pick up your bottles. It's worth the trip.

Is the tasting room Fang and Feather available to rent for special events?