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JULY 22, 2022

It’s our final evening of a long weekend on the coast. Sunset settling across the waves. A thousand sparks of light slipping over its rhythmic rolls and heaves. A reflection of my 5 year old girl and 12 year old boy chasing their feet in wet sand. Beautiful. Magic. A perfect moment. But I’m tired. SO tired. After 3 days of ocean living, I’m cooked, thirsty, and ready for a little less magic and a lot more air conditioning.
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Friday, July 22nd, 2022
My son and I witnessed something and we can never tell my wife.

It’s our final evening of a long weekend on the coast. Sunset settling across the waves. A thousand sparks of light slipping over its rhythmic rolls and heaves. A reflection of my 5 year old girl and 12 year old boy chasing their feet in wet sand. Beautiful. Magic. A perfect moment.

But I’m tired. SO tired. After 3 days of ocean living, I’m cooked, thirsty, and ready for a little less magic and a lot more air conditioning.

"Alright kids, time to go back and check on mom."

They shuffle back to me, we gather up the towels and toys.

"Daddy, can we get more shells?" she asks.

OK… I’d never deny my girl the opportunity for shells. To her, they’re little mysteries waiting to be unearthed with sticky fingers and plastic shovels. The 800 shells we already collected isn’t nearly enough - obviously.

"Yes! Let’s find more shells - on the way back to the room..."

The boy gives me some side eye. My tactic is obvious, but he’s ready to go too - so it’s fine.

50 yards through the sand, a warm ocean breeze at our backs, "Daddy, I’m not finding any more shells."

This is a make or break moment. We’re not stopping, but I quickly need a distraction, or I need to find a - … hold on, what's that in the sand?

Inches from her left foot, I can’t believe my eyes. It’s a sand dollar. An absolutely perfect sand dollar. Right here. Right now. This is amazing. I’ve seen bigger sand dollars, but never in the wild. And this sand dollar is more than enough for a little girl to have a magnificent ending to her first beach vacation.

"Oh my gosh. Edie! Next to your foot… Do you see it?"

"What? Where?"

"Your foot! Right there. Do you know what a sand dollar is?"

"A sandwaller?"

"A sand dollar. It’s one of the most rare and special shells in the world."


"Yes, that's it."

"Oooohhhh, i see it."

"Pick it up, but very carefully. OK?"


She reaches down. Excited. Cautious. And I’m bursting with gratitude. What are the chances? It’s like the planets have aligned, God has my back, and I won nature’s lottery - all at the same time. I couldn’t imagine a better ending to this trip. A timely triumph and a trophy she’ll cherish forever.

My son and I watch as she bends over, reaches down, her right hand approaching the sand dollar from the side - and her hand… misses. The sand dollar is still there, but now it’s different. Somehow, the sand dollar is cut in half. There’s a line through the middle of it, about the width of her finger.

I’m confused. My boy’s confused. Do sand dollars do that?

And realization hits me like a truck… that’s not a sand dollar… I just told my daughter to pick up seagull shit.

She lifts a tiny fingertip of white goop and asks me "Is this sand dollar?"

Immediately, my son and I are struck with telepathy. Wide eyed, we turn to each other, no words are spoken, but we both share the exact same thought.

"Don’t tell mom..."

Again she asks, "Did I get sand dollars?"

… "NOPE. Hold your brother's hand and let’s go. It’s time for candy and a dinosaur show!"

~ The Magnificent Bastard

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