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DECEMBER 3, 2021

His new text was short, but it hit. “Getting on a plane. Dad had a stroke. Can you pick up?” The conversation in my car was light. Kids and weather and traffic and work and food. No clue what I should have really done. Just defaulted into what I would want in a situation like that.
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Friday, December 3rd, 2021
I picked up an old friend from the airport this week. He moved to Georgia a few years back. Better job. Wish I could say we kept in touch, but the date for the previous message showed over a year since we talked.

His new text was short, but it hit.

"Getting on a plane. Dad had a stroke. Can you pick up?"

The conversation in my car was light. Kids and weather and traffic and work and food. No clue what I should have really done. Just defaulted into what I would want in a situation like that.

A distraction.

Two days later he was flying back to his wife. She was delivering a baby boy. Their third.

His Dad worked the farm until he was 82.

His son looks like him.

This pour is doing double duty.

~ The Magnificent Bastard

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[+] Glass bottle shortage leaves US distillers high and dry
St Augustine Distillery, a spirits company, has about 5,000 cases worth of vodka, gin, rum and whiskey sitting in tanks, waiting for the bottles needed to ship them to liquor store shelves.


[+] How This Woman Is Slaying It In The Whisky World
Sales of whisky and whiskey will nearly double worldwide over the next decade to reach $108 billion by 2031. What’s fueling this massive growth? Women — who now account for 30% to 40% of consumers.


[+] Pernod Ricard Unveils The Chuan Malt Whisky Distillery In China
"Our master distiller, Yang Tao has been working with our heritage master distillers in Scotland to bring the most authentic whisky making know-how into China, while leveraging the pristine water source of Emei, renowned for its utmost quality."


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