• $28.00

This is not a hat, it’s a rare helm for Magnificent Bastards.

The bill is masterfully carved from a single piece of scorched dragon-bone. (It did not go willingly.) The sturdy, flowing curve offers shielding from a variety of elemental attacks, with a +18 bonus to solar defense.

In the front, two raven-weave panels lift up a snow white sigil to honor a Magnificent new faction in the Kingdom of Whisk(e)y. The side and rear panels are mithril chainmail, deftly crafted to deliver lightweight yet durable protection for your high speed adventures. (Some people, with small imaginations, call it "mesh.")

With a snap, the rear adjustable strap fits this helm to warriors and minstrels alike, while an understated black button rests atop the headgear. Some say the button contains a blessed shard from the first bottling, but I’m pretty sure it’s just a regular button.